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Service Equipment Policy

The customer's premise equipment (CPE), is provided by Silo Communications. All customer premise equipment provided by Silo Communications remains the property of Silo Communications. 

LOST OR DAMAGED EQUIPMENT: Improper use or manipulation of the CPE along with lost or stolen CPE equipment, will result in additional replacement charges that are the sole responsibility of the customer. In addition, Silo Communication reserves the right to forward any charges related to labor or materials needed to replace lost or damaged provided equipment, to the customer.

WEATHER EVENT. In case of a natural weather event Silo Communications will at no cost to the customer replace the original CPE provided by Silo Communications.

UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS. Any access into the configuration, including web-based and command line is strictly prohibited unless by an authorized Silo Communications team member.

IN CASE OF MOVING. In the event that a customer decides to permanently move from their service address, it will be the sole responsibility of the customer to notify Silo Communications to terminate service at said address and cease billing for terminated service. Silo Communications will schedule a date and time to retrieve any provided equipment from the premises. All unreturned equipment will be subject to a $100.00 charge, billed to the customer's new address.

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