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The whole idea of starting a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) began with a series of events. The first of which was using networking antennas to connect a farm to the residents' homes a mile or so down the road. The second of which was when Luke Grocholl was searching for faster, more reliable internet for his home. He found a provider that could give him 1 Gbps for a price anyone could afford. This didn't work out as planned. The cost ended up being twenty times more than he had been told (salesmen and their ways, I tell you!). Although this fiber provider didn't work out, the idea behind the fast and reliable internet and the antennas merged into the idea that we could solve the long standing problem in the community of providing fast, reliable and affordable internet. So Luke Grocholl and Wyatt Borchardt formed a partnership to start Silo Communications LLC, a local internet provider dedicated to providing rural northern Illinois with fast, reliable and affordable connectivity to the World Wide Web.

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