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Refund Policy

Silo Communications remained dedicated to providing high-speed, quality Internet access. If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with service, they should notify Silo Communications, so that we may attempt to rectify any issues or grievances. In the case that the customer is still dissatisfied, the following refund policy applies.

WITHIN 30 DAYS. If you, the customer requests to cancel service within the first 30 days of service being activated, the first months service charge will be refunded in full. The one-time installation fee of $100.00, along with any other one-time activation fees (including provided router) will not be refunded. 

AFTER 30 DAYS. If you, the customer requests to cancel service, after the first 30 days of activation, the final month's invoice will be prorated.

EQUIPMENT. Silo Communications will notify the customer of a time and date for equipment removal. Any unreturned equipment, originally provided by Silo Communications, will be subject to a $100.00 charge.

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